Другие масла

Моторные масла для дизельных высоконагруженных двигателей специально разработанные для защиты от износа, отложений и высоких температур.

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United Fishing Diesel engine oil is a high quality diesel engine oil designed to meet the lubrication requirements of many type of diesel engines especially those used for small vessels like fishing boats etc. It provides outstanding protection for diesel engines running at high temperature and using fuel with high level of sulfur content.



United Gas Engine Oil is a premium high performance SAE 40 gas engine oil that is formulated from select high quality, hydrotreated base stocks and an advanced technology additive system engineered to provide excellent protection. Its balanced sulfated ash level reduces valve surface deposits and provides exceptional valve seat and face protection and reduces the wear and deposit formation in the critical valve guides of highly loaded turbocharged four-cycle engines.



United Allinone Tractor Oil is specially designed to meet all the necessary lubrication requirements found in any part of a modern tractor, such as engine, transmission, hydraulic system and wet brake. Incorporated with both the latest S.T.O.U. technology and U.T.T.O technology, United Allinone Tractor Oil is available in different SAE multi-grades, and therefore can be used under all weather and seasons conditions.